Beechwood EC Winter Series TREC Results 09.12.17

Class 1 Top Score

Place              Rider                          Horse                                     Score

1st        Christine Upchurch            Dennis the Menace               244

2nd      Louise Fuller                        Milly                                      213

3rd       Amanda Snowden             Warrior                                    200

4th        Eve Allum                              Palace Court Tudor             192

5th        Jade Schofield                     Copsem Cambridge Silk      186

6th       Jackie Beazley                     Ice Crystal                                178

7th       Tracy Wilkinson                   Hecanbe                                   171

8th        Abbey Brotherton                 Pumba                                   166

9th        Christine Smith                    Tommy                                   160

10th     Hilary Hill                             Prue                                          155

11th     Philippa Trathen                  Wilf                                          154

12th     Marie Whiteley                     Milly                                       119

13th     Georgia Dove                       Rushmore Browser              116

14th     Mary Whittington               Herbie                                     69


Class 2 Intermediate

Place              Rider                          Horse                                     Score

1st                    Louise Fuller            Milly                                        99

2nd                   Melissa Shanahan  Toby                                       88.5


Class 3 Open

Place              Rider                          Horse                                     Score

1st                    Christine Upchurch Dennis the Menace             107

2nd                   Abbey Brotherton     Pumba                                  103

3rd                    Pip Burgess              Tiptoe Firedance                  90

4th                   Alison Craigmile      Milly                                        78


Class 4 Pairs

Place              Rider                          Horse                                     Score

1st                    Abbey Botherton      Pumba

Christine Upchurch Dennis the Menace             208.5

2nd                   Melissa Shanahan  Toby

Christine Upchurch Dennis the Menace             191

3rd                    Harriet Bradford        Upperlochton Fergus

Pip Burgess              Tiptoe Firedance                  176.5

4th                    Alison Craigmile      Milly

Amanda Snowden  Warrior                                   175

5th                    Eve Allum                  Palace Court Tudor

Jade Schofield         Copsem Cambridge Silk     169

6th                    Jackie Beazley         Ice Crystal

Emily Stockwell        Manni                                     140.5

7th                    Stephanie Key         Flynn

Jodie Whymark        Holly                                       115



Class 5 Novice Horse

Place              Rider                          Horse                                     Score

1st                    Tracy Wilkinson       Hecanbe                                91.5

2nd                   Jackie Beazley         Ice Crystal                             89

3rd                    Katy Stockwell         Manni                                    88

4th                    Melissa Shanhan    Toby                                       86

5th                    Hilary Hill                Prue                                        79

6th                    Georgia Dove           Rushmore Browser             72

7th                    Sydney Newton       Tilly                                         59.5

8th                    Danielle Ashford      Kessy Van De Honesh       50.5





Class 6 Newcomer Rider

Place              Rider                          Horse                                     Score

1st                    Jackie Beazley           Ice Crystal                             114

2nd                   Emily Stockwell        Manni                                     82

3rd                    Hilary Hill                  Prue                                       61

3rd                    Sydney Newton         Tilly                                        61

5th                    Danielle Ashford      Kessy Van De Honesh       45.5



Beechwood WS TREC Results 22.10.17

Class 1 Top Score                                                            

1st        Jackie Beazley   Ice Crystal    2nd       Jade Schofield       Copsem Cambridge Silk

3rd        Sara Kulikowski    Cariad     4th        Christine Smith   Tommy      5th        Sue Silvester    Blakes

6th        Sheralee Mills  Tomara       7th        Tracy Wilkinson    Hecanbe    8th        Nicole Worthington   Miss Tilly

9th        Charlotte Bates        Rosie

Class 4 Pairs

1st        Amanda Snowden    Warrior    and     Sheralee Mills     Tomara

2nd       Eve Allum                  Palace Court Tudor  and   Jade Schofield         Copsem Cambridge Silk

3rd        Jan Archer                Rosie   and             Sue Silvester            Blakes

Class 5 Novice Horse

1st        Tracy Wilkinson       Hecanbe    2nd       Sara Kulikowski     Cariad   3rd        Eve Allum    Palace Court Tudor

4th        Amanda Snowden  Warrior      5th        Jackie Beazley  Ice Crystal   6th      Nicole Worthington Miss Tilly

7th        Charlotte Bates        Olive

Class 6 Newcomer Rider

1st        Hilary Hill    Prue     2nd       Jackie Beazley    Ice Crystal     3rd        Helen Grey    Cariad

Combined TREC and Dressage Aldbury's Farm Results  21st October 2017

Dressage Prelim 18.

1st   Philippa Trathen with Wilf                   68.7%

2nd Jackie Beazley with Ice Crystal           68.3%

3rd Jane Haigh with Party Girl                    67.9%

4th Denise Patmore with Crystal                67.3%

5th Angela O’Malley with Acorn                 66.0%

6th Hayley Rhodes with Azucena              64.0%

7th Stella Takkas with Lady                        60.4%

Intro B

1st Ginny Carter with Asty                           64.1%


1st Abbey Brotherton with Pumba             64.68%

2nd Denise Patmore with Crystal              62.18%

3rd Jackie Beazley with Ice Crystal           61.25%

3rd Philippa Trathen with Wilf                   61.25%

5th Ginny Carter with Asty                          60.93%

6th Stella Takkas with Lady                        60.63%

7th Hayley Rhodes with Azucena               54.38%

8th Jane Haigh with Party Lady                 53.13%

Overall Results – Combined Scores 

1st   Philppa Trathen                        64.975%

2nd  Jackie Beazley                          64.775%

3rd   Denise Patmore                        64.74%

4th   Ginny Carter                              62.575%

5th   Stella Takkas                             60.665%

6th   Jane Haigh                                60.515%

7th   Hayley Rhodes                         59.19%

8th   Angela O’Malley                       33.00%

9th   Abbey Brotherton                     32.34%

EATG And EFRA POR Epping Forest   23rd September 2017

Results      Level 1 Pairs

1st  Clare Venner with Vinnie and Stephanie Brown with Rafferty with a score of 282

2nd  Stella Takkas with Lulu and Jan Archer with Milly  with a score of 268.

Level 2 Pairs

1st Angela Hughes with Baraka Shah and Lindsey Measures with Tevo with a score of 441

2nd  Amanda Marfleet with Lady Grace   and Sam Ledger with her horse with a score of  288

3rd Jackie Beazley with Ice crystal and Hazel Robbins with Sunglow Sprite with a score of -66.

Level 2 Individual

First Helen Hanrack with Finnegan with a score of 26

Lydia Burke and Sharon Knight could not make it unfortunately.

Danes Farm Full TREC Results 15th -17th July 2017


Marks Hall POR Results   

Marks Hall POR 13.05.17 

Beechwood Winter Series League 2017      Congratulations everyone!

Rug kindly donated by Katie Venus Bishop of Beechwood Equestrian Centre

   Katie and Louise league Beechwood League Louise and Sophie

1st Louise Fuller 142 points

      Alison League

2nd Alison Craigmile 119 points  

 3rd Clare Skinner 110 points; 4th Lisa Shields 102 points;

5th Chrissie Upchurch 72 points; 6th Katie Dalton 64 points. 

Katie Bishop was also awarded a TRECGB Finalist Rosette for the best winter venue:

Katie TREC GB rosette

Beechwood TREC League 2017

Beechwood TREC League 2017

Beechwood WS TREC 19.03.17

Beechwood WS Results 19.03.17

Beechwood WS TREC 19.02.17

BW WS Results 19.02.17

Beechwood WS TREC 13.11.16



Runningwell EQ TREC results 31.10.16


Brocks Farm POR 22.10.16


Beechwood WS TREC 16.10.16                


BW WS Clare Skinner Winner Class 1 Top Score    ad5_7499    ad5_7645   ad5_7763  ad5_8056

                                                                                                               Lisa Shields Winner Class 2 Inter             Jeanie Hicks Winner Class 3 Open       Isobel Gowers Class 5 2nd Novice Horse

Epping POR 15.10.16


East Herts Results 17.09.16


Hastingwood Results 03.07.16



Thetford Forest - May 2016 - Little Lodge Trec results

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