Combined TREC, Dressage Training and Competition on 21st October 2017 at Aldbury's Farm, Hatfield Broad Oak by Jill Perry

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We at last managed to do this event which was first going to be on the 18th June, but because of the extreme heat wave that was happening then with temperatures of 34 degrees it was postponed.

So it was wind this time but thank goodness it was not as bad as they said it was going to be.

We had Dressage in one arena and the TREC instead of being on grass, because of the rain a few days before, was in a local arena down the road, which was more sheltered.

Jane Bettles, the dressage judge, with the help of Claudia Nackle, the writer, judged the first test, then gave some improvements, and then the test was ridden again, when the points counted, nearly all the competitors had improved their  points from the first to the second test.

They then, in groups of 4, rode down the road to the TREC training with individual judging at the end of each session, again gaining points.

Everybody enjoyed it and found it very helpful doing the training then being judged, it really helped the confidence for horse and rider.

We thank Julian and Helen Cowley for helping us with the use of their venue.

And the following volunteer’s for all their help:  Jan Arthur Secretary, Colin and Charmaine Cooper for scoring and collecting scores and Fiona Kukiewicz acting as the dressage caller.

The Report for the Epping Forest Riders Association and East Anglia TREC Group TREC POR on the 23rd September 2017 by Jill Perry

For the results see the Results page

We were lucky with the weather and on arriving early at the venue we found road men parked in our parking area, where they were just mustering, ready for doing the road works at Stewardstonbury further up the road; a point worth noting for later in this report.

The first two horse boxes were from Kent they had made very good time which is unusual. I reiterated that there was no fencing so it was best to keep horses in the lorrys/ boxes until competitors have been to the map room.

Liz Hollingsworth and myself headed out to put out caution signs and tickets, a lot of walking as there were 9 tickets to be recorded. On the way back to base we encountered a big chestnut horse trotting smartly up the road with just a head collar on; we tried to stop it; it just carried on until it came to the traffic lights and road works, where funnily enough it slowed down, and the work men managed to catch him. Also there was a horse and rider coming our way who had stopped at the traffic lights the other way; so there you go work men are handy sometimes, so lots of ‘thank you very much’ to everybody. The owner retrieved her horse and the other rider rode back to base with the cheeky chestnut and owner, none the worse for their experience.

Everybody set off in the correct direction: a good start. A few took quite a while to find checkpoint 2 and checkpoint 3 proved a slight problem for a pair of riders as the long horn cattle, and they really do have very long horns, decided to set up their eating station just were the riders were supposed to follow the route, so they had to do a slight deviation, but did find the checkpoint. Level Ones headed back home via checkpoint 4. But level 2 had to go half way along the route home then turn left towards the Queen Elizabeth’s hunting lodge, to cross the road and head left, to the east, before going left, following the boundary to cross Ranger Road, then heading back to checkpoint 4 level 2, they then went off on another path, for about 5 km then back to base.

This year we did a different route starting with a little bit of unknown forestry, on to bridleways, a small amount of roadwork, then back into the forestry, not always staying on the made up paths. This proved interesting for the level 2s proving that a compass is a necessity for TREC riding in forestry

Poor Ali Craigmile had to drop out as Sophie was lame, so Louise Fuller her partner decide she would walk the level 1 route on foot. She managed to get all the tickets although a little slow, and she said she now knows what the horse feel like at the end as well!

Stephanie Brown did a super job finding enough volunteer’s to be a check point judges. They all enjoyed it and said they are happy to do a checkpoint again.

A big thank you to Val Vidler who provided food goody bags for all the volunteers and food for everyone at the end, Jan Arthur in the map room, and for the scoring with Emma Walsh who also did the tack check and start with Cindy Simikel; Dawn and Scott Mckenna for CP 2, Colin and Charmaine Cooper for CPs 3 and 4, level 2 , Amanda James and Suzanne Drain for CP  4 and 5, level 2, Liz Hollingsworth helping with the route, putting out signs, and checkpoints, and collecting them back in again and the best thing of all - we did the results on the day, by paper. Hooray!

Marks Hall POR  Saturday 13th May 2017 by Jill Perry

Report:   Marks Hall POR Saturday 13th May 2017 by Jill Perry

East Anglia TREC Group's PTV event at Home Farm - Alconbury 21.10.16

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Brocks Farm POR Danbury 22.10.16

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Beechwood WS TREC  16.10.16

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Epping Forest POR 15.10.16

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College of West Anglia , Winter Series TREC  Competition.

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TREC Training 8 May 2016

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