Beechwood League Winter Series 2017- 2018

The Winner of the League this year was Jackie Beazley on Ice Crystal with 108 points. She was closely followed by Chrissie Upchurch on Dennis the Menace with 102 points. The winner wasn't decided until the last competitor of the last class of the season.  A rug was again generously presented by Beechwood Equestrian Centre. Many thanks from EATG for their continued support.

Beechwood EC Winter Series TREC Competition 25th February

We were again lucky with the weather, yes it was cold, but at least the snow stayed off, and the upstairs café is now open which was much appreciated for hot food on a cold day and a very warm space too.

The Competition was well supported with a number of old faces, who are becoming seasoned Beechwood TRECcers, and there were quite a few new competitors. Newcomers are always very welcome.  Some of them surprised themselves with how well they and their horses did and quite a few said they would be back for more. The results can be seen on the results webpage. Beechwood is proving popular, with its ease of access and it is a super new competition venue situated at Rettenden, close to Chelmsford.

We are running a League for the 4 Beechwood Competitions and after 3 competitions, with one more to go on 25th March,  the leader at the moment is Jackie Beazley with 76 points, followed by Chrissie Upchurch with 62 points and Melissa Shanahan with 50. The winner will be presented with a Rug generously donated by Beechwood Equestrian Centre. Many thanks to Katie Venus Bishop for her continued support. Well done you competitors for doing so well.

The other Award being run by EATG this year is the Volunteers Award 2017-18. A £50 Ingatestone Voucher will be given to the volunteer who has collected the most points for helping at EATG events during the year. Other prizes will also be given. The leader at the moment is Amanda Snowden with 60 points, followed by Emma Walsh with 40 points and Jo Brown with 25. There are a number of others with 20 points. With 2 other EATG events to be added.  EATG would like to thank all those who have generously volunteered their time and support to make the EATG events run efficiently. We couldn’t do it without you!

Both these awards will be given at the EATG AGM on 25th March. 12.30-1pm at the Beechwood Equestrian Centre, The Wheatsheaf, Main Road, Rettendon Common, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 8DY. Please come along to hear about what has been going on and find out our plans for the 2018 Summer Series.  You can also watch (or take part in) our last Winter TREC Competition for this year!

The Helpers for the day were Jan Arthur scoring,  Jane Snowden  entry secretary,  Jade Scofield collecting ring, Amanda Snowden helping myself with the judging in the morning and Jo Brown helping in the afternoon. Christine Scofield, with collecting ring in the afternoon. Thank you all for making the day run so smoothly.

Jill Perry  and Jan Arthur

Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre Arena TREC Competition Report, 17th February 2018.

The Competition

This was East Anglia TREC Group’s first Arena TREC competition at Humberstone. It was on a beautiful warm day. EATG ran affiliated and unaffiliated classes, plus fun classes: something for all.

For the results from the 17th February see the Results Webpage.

Top Score, the Joker Class, helps to get the rider thinking of shorter quick routes between obstacles, to get more points in a specific time.

The Pairs Class is always good fun, and it helps to get a young horse or novice rider in an arena in a competition with the support of another horse or rider in with him or her.

With the affiliated classes you earns points for the country-wide TREC GB League if you are a member of TREC GB.

It was a treat to have a number of new competitors who we hope are converted to TREC and will continue to support EATG TREC Events. These can be found, along with Schedules as soon as they are ready on the EATG Calendar on the Events page. You can get a list of events by selecting ‘Agenda’ on the Calendar.

There is another Arena TREC Competition at Humberstone on the 10th March, The schedule is on the TREC GB or East Anglia TREC Group websites. It’s also on the Humberstone Farm E.C. site.

We would like to thank Helen Shiech and Janet Williams, for helping with the scoring and putting everything back in the car. It’s like a tardis: everybody is surprised that all the obstacles fit back into the car; there’s certainly a knack to it!!

Jill Perry

East Anglia TREC Group Newsletter 2017-18

2017 was certainly a strange year especially with the weather.

With the POR in May at Marks Hall, White Roding the ground was very hard, until a couple of days beforehand which made everything slippery.

Then on the weekend of 17th -18th June the temperatures went past 30 degrees, in fact it reached 34 degrees. ”Way too hot for man and beast “. So we postponed it to the 21st October.

1st July was the TREC judges training day at Petasfield Riding School. It was well supported and the ploughmans and homemade cakes went down well.

Our full TREC competition was at Danes Farm, by kind permission of Miss Kate Noble and help from Souki Hartigan, the yard manager. Again it was well supported with 60 riders and just enough help although someone had to dart from one checkpoint to another! There was some lovely riding and best of all, 3 checkpoints at pubs, really handy!! And not many TREC events have a hillside seat looking over Knebworth with music in the park at night, with fireworks of course, just put on especially for everyone!!! J

September started with more PTV and MA training at Beechwood EC ready for the Winter Series.

Once again we joined up with Epping Forest Riders Association and on 15th September we had Levels 1 and 2 riding local bridleways and in the forest. A big thank you to Elizabeth Hollingsworth and Stephanie Brown on finding most of the checkpoint judges. They had never heard about TREC before but by the end they all said what fun it was and how friendly everybody was.

On 1st October we joined up with Central TREC to run a PTV and MA at Home Farm Alconbury near Peterborough which went around a cross country course. Again it was very well supported and thoroughly enjoyed by all. A big thank you to Sarah Wynn and team for all their work in setting up and running it.

The 15th October was going to be a POR at Danbury but this had to be cancelled due to myself and family being struck down with the sickness bug the night before. It took nearly a week to recover, but on the plus side we have already got it sorted for 2018.

Then there was the Dressage and TREC Combined training held at Aldburys Farm on 21st October, (which had been postponed from the June date). The Dressage proved very helpful thanks to Jan Bettles’ instruction and judging.

Although very windy, we were able to use another arena down the road to do the TREC training in, by kind permission of Mr and Mrs J Cowley and not too many things blew away! This was an interesting and enjoyable way to brush up on both skills, and working in friendship groups for TREC was a good experience for competitors.

The next day we were at Beechwood EC for the first of the Winter TREC competition series. Then the second Beechwood Competition was held on December 9th. It was cold but dry, but weren’t we lucky with the weather as it snowed hard the next day. Both of these events went well with a number of competitors new to TREC. Let’s hope they are all converted and we hope to see them again in the future.

On December 30th I went up to Humberstone Farm EC near Gt. Yarmouth to do TREC training and it was well supported considering it is a new venue.

The EATG Committee wish everybody a happy new year, 2018.

Aldury's Farm Combined TREC and Dressage 18.06.17

Report:  Combined TREC

Epping Forest POR 23.09.17

Report: Epping Forest TREC 2017 Report

Marks Hall POR  Saturday 13th May 2017 by Jill Perry

Report:   Marks Hall POR Saturday 13th May 2017 by Jill Perry

East Anglia TREC Group's PTV event at Home Farm - Alconbury 21.10.16

Report:   Alconbury TREC 21.10.16

Brocks Farm POR Danbury 22.10.16

Report:   brocks-farm-por-22-10-16

Beechwood WS TREC  16.10.16

Report:  beechwood-oct-2016-write-up-1

Epping Forest POR 15.10.16

Report:   Epping Forest POR 15.10.16 Report (1)

College of West Anglia , Winter Series TREC  Competition.

Report:   college-of-west-Anglia 

TREC Training 8 May 2016

Report:    trec-training-day-at-aldburys-farm


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