Our next event of the 2023-24 Winter Series is 3rd March 2024 Arena Trec Competition at World Horse Welfare, Snetterdon.

See events and schedules page for more details. Please get your entries in as soon as possible.

***Our 2023-24 Winter Series event dates and schedule are now on the ‘events and schedules’ page***

We are excited to announce that Yum Yum Tree Fudge will be providing prizes for competitors placed 1st-3rd in each class.



Donations made to Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

A letter dated 01.06.23 was receieved thanking EATG for a donation made of £156.

Further donations have been collected from the tea/coffee and home made cakes – Dash-for-cache £56.00, Chipley Abbey £10.50, Wickham Hall £30.50, Upshire £27.70, & Woodland stables winter trec £27.50. which makes a total of £152. 20. This has been rounded up to £155.00.
This is the second donation in 2023, which brings the total to over £300.00 for the year which is not bad for a small group smile

 New for 2023 summer events – vouchers to be awarded to winners of EATG events by Ron Fields Nutrition



***2022-23 Winter series league final results***

We ran a 2022-23 Winter EATG points league for the members and the placings were changing all the time!!  Final results are as follows:

1st With a brilliant score of 149 points is Jackie Beazley on Ice Crystal, who received prizes of a leg bag for riding and a £25 voucher 

2nd With a score of 104 points is Louise Fuller on Johnny

3rd With a score of 85 points is Bridget Colston on Dee

4th With a score of 79 points is Claire Venner on Vinnie

5th With a score of 50 points is Caroline Cavill on Griffin

6th With a score of 49 points is Ail Craigmile on Milly

7th With a score of 47 points is Fiona Kukiewicz on Wooki

8th With a score of 45 points is Abbey Brotherton on Kaspar

9th With the score of 37 points is Amy wood on Cracker

10th With a score of 34 points is Chloe Kukiewicz on Wooki

11th With a score of 33 points is Sarah Rayner on Freddie

12th With a Score of 23 points is Cathy King on Red

Jacqueline Adam-Hooker, Helen Skinner and Sacha Rukaber got 15 points each

Amelie Skinner got 13 points / Jan Arthur got 11 points / Annabel Chandler got 10 points and Theresa Lough got 7 points

Well done to you all smile      2022-23 Winter League final results

Important for you to know: TREC GB Equine Flu 2019:

Unfortunately, as widely publicised, there have been outbreaks of equine flu over the past few months, and as per the website, TREC GB has issued a protocol to be followed for any competitions/training/events run under the TREC GB banner. Please be aware as a competitor that these are minimum requirements, and the actual event venue may have tighter rules (i.e. vaccinations at 6 monthly intervals). The Board of TREC GB would like to promote, as best practice, the following: Copies of passports with vaccinations (including the correct information PRIOR to 2014, i.e. the first 2 injections within the correct time, and all subsequent ones done on or within the 365-day timescale every year from 2014 to the present, OR a new course started from 2014, again with every booster on or within 365 days). This should be sent to the organiser/secretary as soon as possible, so checks can be made, and if necessary, a new course can be started. No horse/pony can attend a TREC GB event unless the 2 primary vaccinations have been done and this requires a minimum of 28 days to complete. The last vaccination must have been  at least 7 days before the competition

EATG Events and Schedules

See the Events and Schedules page for details and schedule for the winter TREC competitions

Contact Jill Perry jperry-trec@live.co.uk for more info

Click on the event for the Schedule. The entry form is at the end of the schedule.

All Covid 19 regulations will be in force at the time of the event.



EATG Results

All Results will be posted on the Results page as soon as possible after the Competition

Latest results:

Winter Series Arena Trec, Woodlands 19.11.23

POR (EFRA), Upshire 12.11.23

POR, Chipley Abbey 01.10.23

Dash for cache, Aldburys Farm 26.08.23


EATG AGM 12th March 2023 at Beechwood EC  11.50am-12.20pm

Everyone welcome. Come and watch the TREC Competition and find out what we have planned for Summer 2023.

EATG 2023 AGM invite

EATG 2023 AGM Agenda

EATG committee nomination form


Help! Please help us run EATG competitions and events. We can’t do it without you!

EATG run a points Competition for volunteers each year.
2022-23 Winner: Val Vidler £50 Voucher 

To contact EATG use the email link below.

    GDPR EATG Privacy Policy Update 2018 EATG is working on the EATG Privacy Policy and the TREC GB policy, in line with the requirements of the GDPR law and will soon have it on line. Please note EATG does not share information about our members and competitors except to contact you about EATG and related events and to publish results, online, with TREC GB and in the Equine press. We also include photos taken at events by authorised photographers.

    If you do not want EATG to use your information in this way please contact us via the contact link above.

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