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Jill’s South Coast Challenge: what Jill got up to in the summer or 2019

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 On going EATG News

05.11.20 News Flash

We have had to cancel the Winter TREC at Beechwood on 15th November as Beechwood EC has closed for the November Lockdown. We are hoping to run the other Winter TRECs that are planned for 2021. See the events and schedules page for dates.  

EATG AGM 2020 Update 08.10.20

Dear EATG Members, As you might remember due to the Covid19 lockdown we were not able to have our usual AGM in March. We were hoping to have it at the Nipsells Farm TREC Competition at the end of September, but just before that we had other Covid19 restrictions – the Rule of 6 – put in place and we had to abandon that idea. We think it will be unlikely that we can have a face to face AGM this year. So as a compromise we have decided to use a Q&A opportunity for our members.  

Back in March we put all the relevant documents on the EATG website: Chairperson’s report, EATG AGM Minutes 17.03.19 and now an updated Annual Financial Summary 2019- 2020 which has been scrutinised and was passed by Amanda Snowden in September. We would appreciate it if you would have a look at them. If there are any questions please contact Jill Perry our Chairperson by the 20th October and we will do our best to answer them. We are also sending you a form for the Election of Members to the EATG Committee. The current Committee Members have indicated that they are willing to continue in their current roles: Jill Perry EATG Chairperson, Colin Cooper Treasurer, Jan Arthur  Secretary, Jackie Beasley Minutes Secretary, Jane Snowden Membership Secretary, Abbey Brotherton  Website and Facebook, Jade Schofield Facebook, Jan Archer League Secretary, Christine Upchurch Committee Member. They have all filled in their application forms. We hope you are happy for them to continue. New committee members are always welcome though! See the EATG contacts page for the Application form to become a Trustee. Please return application forms to Jan Arthur: j.arthur0985@btinternet.com by 20th October and an election vote will be taken in as appropriate way as we can manage.

We hope to resume business as normal  next year and pick up our league and volunteers awards then. We will be continuing our special member’s fees for 2021 including £10 off of entry fees for the Winter Series if 3 or more classes are entered and our early bird reductions for the Summer Series. Hope to see you at our events over the winter and next year.  Happy TRECcing!

Jan Arthur EATG Secretary

The AGM Documents:  Annual Financial Summary 2019-2020     

   AGM Chairpersons Report 2020         EATG AGM Minutes 17

Membership News

For WS 2019-20 3 for 2 entries

SS 2020 £10 voucher towards cost of entry

EATG WS League

The winner for 2018 was Christine Upchurch on Dennis the Menace; 2nd Jackie Beazley; 3rd Amanda Snowden; 4th Abbey Brotherton

EATG Volunteer Awards

The winners for 2018 were Jade and Christine Schofield who won a £50 voucher each and Colin and Charmaine Cooper who won a £25 voucher each.

 See the TREC GB website for 

Trec GB News

05.07.20 Coronavirus Update

TREC GB understands that regulations made by the Secretary of State in England on Friday, that came into force yesterday the 4th July 2020, should allow us the move to Step 3 of the TREC GB ‘Framework for Restarting Competitions’ (V1.1) for events planned to take place in England. See the TREC GB Website for the framework document.

We have contacted South Essex Insurance Brokers requesting confirmation and expect a reply later this week.

We await further guidance from the governments of Scotland and Wales.

Competitions would continue to be subject to the most recent Government guidance, which would inform how they would need to be organised to comply with social distancing, hygiene and other requirements.

Provisionally booked dates may obviously be subject to changes should restrictions be reintroduced locally or across the whole country.

We look forward to seeing members competing again but we must ensure all remain safe and respect competition protocols and guidance whilst there remains a risk of spreading Covid-19.

9pm Wednesday 18th March 2020

At its Trustees’ meeting on Wednesday 18th March, the TREC GB Board of Trustees carefully considered relevant information regarding the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, and has taken the difficult decision to postpone, with immediate effect, all events until at least mid-May at the earliest.
This includes all centrally organised TREC GB events, both mounted and unmounted.

As a result of this unfortunate situation, it follows that no TREC club activities will be insured under TREC GB’s insurance until further notice.
Therefore, all affiliated TREC GB club activities must be postponed from tonight. 

TREC GB will closely monitor the situation, will issue updates as and when required and allow resumption of activities as soon as is possible.

TREC GB National Championship dates 2021 To be announced

Other TREC GB News

See the Flu vaccine info below, this applies to all entries until further notice.

EATG Sponsors

Our Sponsor for Rosettes for 2020

Horseshoo Equine Transport ‘Moving yards, vets, clinics, beach trips. Even 24hr Emergency callout!

Chrissie Upchurch: 07577 683184
Facebook: Horseshootransport

EATG Summer Events 2020

26th July         Have a go day TREC PTV/ MA and Polework Clinic   Aldbury Farm Herts - Have-a-go-day-26th-July-3 

08th August   10/10 Competition  Aldburys Farm Herts Aldburys Farm 10.10 Training day 08.08.20

30th August   EATG POR Competition     Quinbury Farm Braughing HertsQuinbury Farm POR 30.08.20

13th Sept        10/10 Training Day  Elmwood Equestrian Centre Maldon Essex  This is an updated schedule dated 14.08.20 NB reduced fees.Elmwood EC Tr Day Schedule 13.09.20

27th Sept        EATG Full TREC Level 1 Qualifier Competition Nipsells Farm Maylandsea Essex Nipsells Farm Full TREC L1 Schedule 27.09.20



EATG Winter Events 2020-21

Go to end of the Covid19 info for the calendar and schedules. The entry forms are at the end of the schedules.  The Winter TREC competitions are in full swing so enter now!

News flash 05.11-20 We have just learnt that Beechwood EC will be closed for the November lockdown. So the TREC competition that we were planning for 15th November is cancelled. We hope to run the other Winter TRECs that we have planned in 2021.

Update post Covid19 13.09.20

East Anglia TREC Group has started  our Winter Events see below.

We are looking forward to seeing our regular and new TRECcies soon.

We will be running all events in accordance with Government Requirements regarding Covid19 in place at the time of the event.

These regulations and guidance may change and competitors will be informed of the requirements in operation at the time when they enter the competition.

Some schedules may not refer to Covid19 as they were written before the pandemic. So please make sure you are aware of the Covid19 requirements which can be found on TREC GB and EATG websites. These will also be put on the EATG Facebook prior to the relevant competition.

Winter Series 2020-21

3rd  October     TREC Training for Winter series events Aldburys Farm Herts 3rd October Aldburys Farm TREC Training

10th October  Winter Series TREC Competition EATG league   Finchingfield EC EATG WS TREC 2020-2021 Schedule and Entry Form

11th October Orienteering on foot in collaboration with EFRA in Epping Forest EFRA Orienteering schedules 11th and 18th October

18th October Ridden Orienteering  in collaboration with EFRA in Epping Forest EFRA Orienteering Schedules 11th and 18th October

15th November  Winter Series TREC Competition EATG League  Beechwood EC  Rettenden Essex EATG WS TREC 2020-2021 Schedule and Entry Form

21st February  2021 Winter Series TREC Competition EATG League Beechwood EC  Rettenden Essex EATG WS TREC 2020-2021 Schedule and Entry Form

28th March 2021 Winter series TREC Competition EATG League Finchingfield EC EATG WS TREC 2020-2021 Schedule and Entry Form

For all EATG Winter Series Competitions: Class 1 is split into AM and PM sessions to allow later classes to have closer times. Class 6, Novice Rider and Class 7, Novice Horse will be swapped, so that more experienced riders who want to do other classes will not have to wait until the end of the day to do classes 6 and 7. Other classes may be run consecutively for the same reason.

See "What is TREC" for information on what the types of events are




Email us below:

Jill Perry
07984 477991

Jan Arthur
078139 05022

Contact a committee member

See "Contacts" too

Other TREC Group Competitions 2020

Lincolnshire TREC

18th April Map reading Training Bradston 

23rd May outdoor PTV Training Kenwick

13th -14th June Full TREC  Comp Barnetby

18th- 19th July Full TREC Comp Oasby

For more information contact sarah@treclincolnshire.co.uk



Important for you to know: TREC GB Equine Flu 2019:

Unfortunately, as widely publicised, there have been outbreaks of equine flu over the past few months, and as per the website, TREC GB has issued a protocol to be followed for any competitions/training/events run under the TREC GB banner. Please be aware as a competitor that these are minimum requirements, and the actual event venue may have tighter rules (i.e. vaccinations at 6 monthly intervals). The Board of TREC GB would like to promote, as best practice, the following: Copies of passports with vaccinations (including the correct information PRIOR to 2014, i.e. the first 2 injections within the correct time, and all subsequent ones done on or within the 365-day timescale every year from 2014 to the present, OR a new course started from 2014, again with every booster on or within 365 days). This should be sent to the organiser/secretary as soon as possible, so checks can be made, and if necessary, a new course can be started. No horse/pony can attend a TREC GB event unless the 2 primary vaccinations have been done and this requires a minimum of 28 days to complete. The last vaccination must have been  at least 7 days before the competition

Help! Please help us run EATG competitions and events. We can’t do it without you!

EATG run a points Competition. Winners announced at our AGM in March.
2018 Winners: Christine and Jade Schofield £50 Vouchers To contact EATG use the email link below

TREC is a sport intended to test the skills of a horse and rider in planning and excecuting a long distance ride in unfamiliar country. It is originated in France as a way of testing and improving the skills of trail ride leaders, and was introduced into the UK in the early 1990s.

We are affiliated to TREC GB the controlling body for TREC in the UK.

East Anglia TREC group welcomes new members and any type of horse can compete.

GDPR EATG Privacy Policy Update 2018 EATG is working on the EATG Privacy Policy and the TREC GB policy, in line with the requirements of the GDPR law and will soon have it on line. Please note EATG does not share information about our members and competitors except to contact you about EATG and related events and to publish results, online, with TREC GB and in the Equine press. We also include photos taken at events by authorised photographers.

If you do not want EATG to use your information in this way please contact us via the contact link above.

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