2023-24 Winter Events

2023 Summer Series

Dash for cache at Aldburys Farm 26.08.23
Combined Dressage & Trec at Aldburys Farm 17.06.23
10-10 at Keeble Cottage 13-14.05.23
POR at Elmdon Lee 23.04.23

2022-23 Winter Events & prior

Winter trec World Horse Welfare 28.01.23
Winter trec Woodlands 23.10.22
Triangle Field POR 16.10.22
Dash for Cache Aldburys Farm 18.09.22
Combined training Hill Farm 10.09.22
10-10 Aldburys Farm 25.06.22
EFRA Gardens of Hanbury 22nd may 2022 POR (1) (2022_01_17 16_53_53 UTC)
Barrow Farm TREC 06.02.22
Barrow Farm TREC 06.02.22
Beechwood WS TREC 17.10.21
Triangle Field POR 10.10.21
Riddlesworth Full TREC 18-19.09.21
Aldbury Farm 10/10 11.07.21
Thunderley Parsonage POR Results 23.05.21
High Roding POR Results 02.05.21
Nipsells Farm Full TREC 27.09.20
Quinbury EC POR 30.08.20

Quinbury Farm POR 30.08.20 Results Quinbury EC POR 30.08.20

Topthorn Arena Fun TREC 15.03.20
Barrow Farm Competition 23.02.20
Beechwood WS TREC Competition 13.10.19

Photos from the Combined Dressage & Trec event at Aldburys Farm 17.06.23


Photos of the Aldburys Farm Full TREC 30.06.19

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EATG run a points Competition for volunteers each year.
2022-23 Winner: Val Vidler £50 Voucher 

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